research for efficient Configurations Of Remanufacturing Enterprises
Interim Event

On November 15th the first interim presentation of reCORE took place at the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology at Bayreuth University. Reports and details on the current state and first results were given. Four of the nine partner companies send an representative to join the meeting which had the following topics on its agenda:

  • Outline and goals of reCORE
  • Current status of research
  • Workshop: Drivers and effects in remanufacturing companies
  • Results after completion of work package 2
  • Outlook / next steps

Detailed information on the content of the meeting

We would like to thank all project partners for their attendance and constructive support!

Zwischenmeeting 15112011_klein.jpg
Professor Steinhilper (left) and Dr. Michael Haumann (project leader)

Project reCORE Completed Successfully
With the final presentation in March 2013 the project reCORE was completed. The overall goal to support companies by managing complexity in remanufacturing processes was realized by a configurator that outputs methods, indicators and complexity... [ ...more ]
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