research for efficient Configurations Of Remanufacturing Enterprises
 Project title  Research for efficient configurations of remanufacturing enterprises
 Acronym  reCORE
 Core issue  Variety and complexity management in remanufacturing
 Term  October 2010 to March 2013
 Duration  2.5 years
 Funded by  Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany)
 Vinnova (Sweden)
  • Analysis and assessment of parts variety in remanufacturing and its consequences for business structures

  • Development of new methodologies and pragmatic solutions for more efficient remanufacturing in the target fields:
    • Production organization (layout, material flow, etc.)
    • Production planning and control (decentralized solutions, etc.)
    • Identification technologies (RFID, Barcode, etc.)
    • Core management (supply, container concepts, etc.)
  • Implementation of project results in partner companies
  • Research partners:
    • Bayreuth University, Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology, Bayreuth (D)
    • KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (S)
    • Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (S)
  • Partner companies:
    • Autoteile Jakobs GmbH, Völklingen-Ludweiler (D)
    • Herrmanns Kfz-Technik und Recycling GmbH, Hailtingen (D)
    • BU Drive GmbH, Lingen (D)
    • Mela GmbH, Schwerin (D)
    • wat Direcciones S.A., Mallabia (ES)
    • CIT Recycling Development AB, Gothenburg (S)
    • Megalans Remanufacturing AB, Gothenburg (S)
    • Norrahammars Mekaniska Verkstad, Jönköping (S)
    • UBD Cleantech AB, Svedala (S)

  • Additional partners:
    • APRA Europe, Schwerin (D)
    • COEmarketing GmbH, Billerbeck (D)
    • ReMaTecNews, Amsterdam (NL)
Project reCORE Completed Successfully
With the final presentation in March 2013 the project reCORE was completed. The overall goal to support companies by managing complexity in remanufacturing processes was realized by a configurator that outputs methods, indicators and complexity... [ ...more ]
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