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ReMaTec, the leading European trade fair for remanufacturing is organized by Amsterdam RAI and held every two years. The exhibition is supported by the leading trade organizations APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) and FIRM (International Association of Engine Rebuilders and Remanufacturers). The main visitor groups are car manufacturers, distributors, importers and remanufacturing firms and their suppliers.

This year´s ReMaTec took place from 19 June until 21 June 2011 and turned the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Center into the ideal meeting point for the mentioned audience and offered excellent opportunities to discover state-of-the-art technologies, make new contacts, discuss ideas and exchange experiences.

After our successful engagement at ReMaTec2009 we came back this year as exhibitors to ReMaTec2011.

As pronounced weeks before the start of the show this year´s registrations far exceeded previous years and the best ReMaTec ever was lying ahead. So our expectations of ReMaTec2011 mounted – and were not disappointed.
We had an excellent show with an enormous amount of interest in our research activities and returned home very satisfied.

The interest of many visitors was raised by the exhibits and results of the transnational research project CAN-Reman. It deals with the remanufacturability of CANbus controlled automotive components.

Also the European funded project CLeanER attracted much interest. The goals of this project are improved cleaning processes in remanufacturing which should be realized by analyzing the type of contamination and defining standards in order to enable the measurability of cleanliness and the plannability of processes.

Even the project reCORE was very well received by the visitors. This European project is about handling variety and complexity in remanufacturing.

Within the APRA Seminar, taking place during ReMaTec2011, interested parties could listen to lectures regarding these three projects. Michael Haumann presented first results of the project reCORE. The slides of his lecture can be downloaded here.
Another lecture was given together with the remanufacturer BU Drive. It was about the research project „Development of LPG gas engines for inlandgoing vessels by remanufacturing and upgrading“.

The numerous visitors of our booth and lectures demonstrated us the huge interest of the branch on our research activities and confirmed us in all our doings. Correspondingly high is our motivation for generating new ideas and projects, tailor-made for current and future challenges in remanufacturing.

Booth and team ot the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology at ReMaTec2011

Statistics ReMaTec2011
2,726 visits from 55 countries (2009: 1,703) +60%
156 exhibiting companies from 22 countries (2009: 142) +10%

ReMaTec2013 will be held 16-17-18 June 2013 in Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

Project reCORE Completed Successfully
With the final presentation in March 2013 the project reCORE was completed. The overall goal to support companies by managing complexity in remanufacturing processes was realized by a configurator that outputs methods, indicators and complexity... [ ...more ]
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