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Research partners
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Rolf Steinhilper

Bayreuth University (Germany)
Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology (LUP)

Bayreuth University’s Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology, directed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Rolf Steinhilper, has been an experienced R&D partner in production technology and innovation management for 9 years since establishment. Professor Steinhilper is a dedicated researcher in the field of remanufacturing and a well-known personality among leaders of this business sector. He brings in work experience from more than 30 years of applied research.

The Chair focuses on advancing lean production methodologies and technology development for product remanufacturing.

Besides selectively implementing efficient lean methods and production systems, several new methods and technologies for remanufacturing automotive systems have been developed and introduced over the past years.

For remanufacturing-related research, the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology holds manifold facilities:

  • Assembly and disassembly laboratory
  • Cleaning laboratory
  • CNC turning and milling machines
  • Quality assurance laboratory (e.g. coordinate-measuring machine)
  • Model factory for testing innovative workstation designs and production workflows
  • Material flow simulation and factory planning laboratory

Currently 24 engineers and four technical assistants are employed at the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology.

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KTH_Logo.jpg KTH - Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden)

KTH accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level. Education and research cover a broad spectrum from natural sciences to engineering as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. In addition to the research carried out by KTH’s schools, a large number of both national and local competence centers are located at KTH, some of them financed by research foundations.

KTH’s center for design and management of manufacturing systems (DMMS), affiliated to the school of industrial engineering and management, will be an RTO partner for this project. The mission of DMMS is to secure resources for research and education as well as to manage and increase the collaboration between industrial enterprises, universities and technical research institutes. DMMS is a platform for activities within the area of machining of advanced components. Within the centre new research projects are initiated and ongoing research projects are coordinated. The main channels for technology transfer are research projects, education and training, seminars and conferences. Furthermore, DMMS has a close collaboration with other centers of excellence like Chalmers University of Technology and Swerea IVF who plays an important role for technology transfer to SMEs.

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Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

Chalmers University of Technology provides research and teaching within technology, natural science and architecture. The division of production systems is a research area within the Department of Product and Production Development and contributes to this research project. Production systems research at Chalmers focuses on the functionality of complete production systems in order to achieve maximum overall productivity and safety. The division considers several parts of a production system such as humans, robots, machines, and IT systems. Their research expertise comprises robust production, production ergonomics, production simulation and assembly systems. Research at the division aims at shortening lead-times from raw materials to finished products while simultaneously achieving added value for the customers which are among the automotive and manufacturing industry.

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Partner companies (for detailled partner information click their logos)

CIT Recycling Development AB (Sweden)

CIT Recycling Development AB extracts and supplies recycled electronic components for re-use. In addition, the company develops recycling technology for handling complex electronic products in the waste stream. Their customers are manufacturers of electronic products and the recycling industry. CIT Recycling Development is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the foundation Chalmers Industriteknik and was formed in 2009 with the acquisition of the recycling division of the Swedish LCD Center.
 Megalans_Logo.jpg Megalans Remanufacturing AB (Sweden)

Megalans Remanufacturing AB with about 30 employees is a privately owned company established in 1976. Since then, the company has been offering remanufacturing and repair of electronic equipment for the automotive and mobile handset industry. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, Megalans is an acknowledged partner to well-known OE manufacturers. Aside manufacturing spare parts, Megalans offers services in the field of remanufacturing infotainment products within and after the guarantee period (car audio, CD-player, DVD-player, navigation equipment and instrument clusters).
  NMW – Norrahammars Mekaniska Verkstad AB (Sweden)

NMW with 14 employees is part of a network of five small companies pursuing the goal of providing comprehensive support for the customers from own production to production engineering services. This comprises implementing new products, reducing retail prices, increasing capacity and product redesign. Additionally, the company supplies industrialization services and components from small to large series. NMW will support the consortium develop technical solutions with their expertise since 1973.

UBD_Logo.jpg UBD Cleantech AB (Sweden)

UBD Cleantech AB is a remanufacturer of automotive parts with a focus on three product segments. First, brake systems are UBD’s traditional business area and include remanufacturing brake calipers and master cylinders. Secondly, steering systems range from power steering pumps to power steering racks. Finally, engine management systems are a rapidly growing business. Such systems guarantee optimum engine output while complying with latest environmental laws and comprise products like idle valves, exhaust gas recirculation valves and – UBDs latest products – remanufactured diesel particulate filters.
Jakobs_Logo.jpg Autoteile Jakobs GmbH (Germany)

Autoteile Jakobs is dedicated to remanufacturing and distribution of mechanical and hydraulic steering gears as well as related components all over Europe. For more than 10 years, Jakobs has been focusing both on latest OE parts, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo, and on decades’ old parts of classic cars. They offer remanufacturing and delivery at short notice and have a considerable amount of steering gears on stock.
HERRMANNS_Logo.jpg Herrmanns Kfz-Technik und Recycling GmbH (Germany)

Since more than 25 years, Herrmanns provides remanufactured and used parts for Mercedes-Benz cars. The product spectrum comprises
diesel injectors, diesel pumps, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, engines, torque converters, climate compressors and differentials. 30 employees supply end customers and authorised repair shops all over Europe, North America and in the Middle East with high quality parts at a good value.
BU_Logo.jpg BU Drive GmbH (Germany)

BU Drive offers remanufactured products for automotive and heavy duty applications. The product range consists of mainly engines, powertrain components and turbochargers. Being a supplier of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) the workflow management and infrastructure of BU Drive is on a higher level and representative for well equipped SME remanufacturers. Their comprehensive know-how and database offer good support for analyzing variety in remanufacturing companies. Finally, their professional linkage to the OEM section provides access to comprehensive data from a new manufacturing point of view.
Mela.jpg Mela GmbH (Germany)

Mela GmbH is a privately owned remanufacturer with 20 employees. Mela was founded in 1992 and evolved from a long-established factory in former East Germany that has been remanufacturing heavy duty components for decades. With a product spectrum from small to large starters and alternators, Mela supplies a diversified range of individual customers. Agriculture, truck and marine applications are the key accounts of the remanufactured products. As the company sells single units to single customers, a major challenge for them is to handle variety efficiently, because economies of scale do not apply in their case.
Wat_Logo.jpg Wat Direcciones S.A. (Spain)

Wat Direcciones is a company dedicated to remanufacturing and distribution of steering systems and their components. Wat has been an experienced partner of remanufacturers for more than 35 years. They offer a very wide selection of power steering racks which cover practically all European models as well as a wide range of Japanese and Korean models. Wat has about 65 employees in two locations.

Additional partners
 apra_logo.jpg APRA Europe – Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (Germany)

APRA is a global association with more than 2.000 member companies. These companies employ more than 200.000 people and earn revenues of about 25 billion Euros. The membership consists of private, independent remanufacturers/rebuilders, component manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers. The companies range in size from small to medium to large, but they all have the same objective: to remanufacture automotive components of excellent quality that will save both money and environmental impact. APRA’s European division is a non-profit trade association whose more than 100 members remanufacture automotive and truck related parts for passenger cars, trucks, off-road, marine, equipment and industrial uses. APRA holds worldwide exhibitions and symposia for remanufacturing companies and therefore provides an appropriate platform for disseminating project outcomes.

COEmarketing GmbH (Germany)

COEmarketing provides comprehensive services and marketing solutions for small and medium sized companies. Being a partner of APRA Europe for years, COEmarketing has a wide experience with remanufacturing companies and their respective needs. Aside from marketing consulting, COEmarketing provides professional web presentations for customers.
Rematec_Logo.jpg ReMaTecNews (The Netherlands)

ReMaTecNews, published by RAI Langfords, is the only international magazine dedicated to automotive, heavy duty, agriculture, marine, industrial engines/parts remanufacturing worldwide, and an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry. The circulation of ReMaTecNews is 15.500. The magazine is delivered on a controlled circulation basis to recipients in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and North America. ReMaTecNews is aimed at the decision makers of remanufacturers/rebuilders, core suppliers, suppliers of OE components, suppliers of components for remanufacturers, suppliers of rebuilding equipment and machinery, suppliers of test equipment, suppliers of cleaning equipment, distributors/importers/wholesalers of rebuilt parts, fleet operators, manufacturers/OEMs, government and non-government organizations and trade associations.

ReMaTecNews will support the project consortium in disseminating project results and publishing research findings.

Project reCORE Completed Successfully
With the final presentation in March 2013 the project reCORE was completed. The overall goal to support companies by managing complexity in remanufacturing processes was realized by a configurator that outputs methods, indicators and complexity... [ ...more ]
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