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Kick-Off Meeting reCORE

reCORE was officially started on December 9th 2010.

Despite an early onset of winter with heavy snowfall in Germany and Sweden the kick-off meeting was very well attended by representatives of the project partners.

The agenda mentioned the following topics:

  • Welcome and introduction of Bayreuth‘s project team 
  • Outline and goals of reCORE 
  • Round of introductions of project partners 
  • Project management
  • Presentation of the work packages 
  • Input of project partners (discussion) 
  • Next steps

You will find further details about the meeting in the kick-off presentation.

Kick-Off Meeting 09122010_klein.jpg
Teilnehmer der Kick-Off-Veranstaltung des Projekts reCORE (v.l.):
Daniel Schaffrinna (BU Drive), Kirsten Bohr (Uni Bayreuth), Michael Haumann (Uni Bayreuth), Johan Stahre (Chalmers), Sandra Seifert (Uni Bayreuth), Dieter Jakobs (Autoteile Jakobs), Kerstin Dencker (KTH), Clemens Ortgies (BU Drive), Oliver Oechsle (Uni Bayreuth)

Project reCORE Completed Successfully
With the final presentation in March 2013 the project reCORE was completed. The overall goal to support companies by managing complexity in remanufacturing processes was realized by a configurator that outputs methods, indicators and complexity... [ ...more ]
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